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I have a 2008 1.6 HDi which has a glow plug jammed in and about to snap if I try to budge it..... not a huge issue as all it means is it chugs a bit when starting and puffs some white smoke for a couple of seconds !

Once it warms up it clears and is fine,runs well. Re-starts fine when warm.

However recently the chugging seems to happen even when warm. I thought the smoke might have effected the injectors and have used a bottle of that cleansing stuff but hasn't made any difference.

I must add I do very short journeys(3.5mile) to and from work. I did a good blast up to the lakes yesterday (135 miles) and back,but no better. Still runs fine,but erratic tickover.

Any idea what may be the issue. I thought the Glow plug issue would only be a problem when cold and starting ?

Forgive me for total lack of knowledge ... any help would be much appreciated.
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