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Facts First
Peugeot Partner L2 2018, 1.6 BlueHDI 100 (Diesel)

l have never driven a Peugeot before. 400 KM on the clock l get the static orange warning light as per the attachment together with a message saying "Check Engine - Repairs needed".

The Peugeot workshop said that this was an emissions fault, and they said that the culprit was one (or all) of the below.

A/ l (the idiot) was driving according to the "shift up/down" indicator to the dot, so in the city, l was not achieving enough revs

B/ the emissions control systems are very tight and sensitive and it does happen to almost every single Peugeot at a point or another (even at just 400Km)

C/ Even a bit of a dirty patch of diesel might send an error warning

Since then, the light only comes on when l turn on the key, and it disappears 1-2 seconds after starting up.

What do you (much more Peugeot experienced) guys think?


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