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Hello all...

Facts First.....Peugeot Partner L2 2018, 1.6 BlueHDI 100 (Diesel)
l have been driving for quite a while, but l never drove a Peugeot.

So l have this basically brand new Partner, and at 400 KM's l got an engine light on....namely the static orange engine looking like light as per the attachment, accompanied with a message saying "engine fault - engine needs repair". 400 KM.

Needless to say, l sprinted towards the showroom (& servicing centre) where l bought it from and they checked it out immediately. The vehicle responded just as it always did, l noticed no dips in performance or strange sounds etc.

The culprit was "Emissions"

With the reason/s for this being as follows

A. A bad patch of diesel caused a slight spike which in turn, the sensitive Emissions system caught up as an error.

B. l was driving according to the "shift up and down" lights to the dot, which in turn did not allow the engine to rev up.

C. l was told that a one off, is relatively not uncommon.

What do you guys think?


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