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Hi all,

I am a newbie both in the forum and repairing, so that I am not familiar with the terminology. More than a year ago, I bought a Peugeout 106 1.4 XR, 1998 model. At first times, I had no issues with my car and it was starting fine, but I am suffering from a problem. Here is the issue: When I try to start the engine, after I turn the ignition on, there is a sound that the engine trying to start, but the engine doesn't start. Sometimes, it starts working on the first try, but sometimes it needs "a few" tries to start working, like 15 or 20 times. There is no dependency on weather, since sometimes I start easily in considerably low temperatures, but hardly on regular, high temperatures.

So far, I went to several garages to repair my car for this issue, but couldn't find a well-informed garage in Turkey to solve this issue. Everybody's blaming the fuel filter. I had the fuel filter changed and nothing happened. Now, the scape goat is ECU, yet I'm not sure about this new clatter and I don't want to pay high amount of money for nothing, because everybody is swindler here.

I will be fulfilled if any advice is given.


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