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Started car yesterday morning and was greeted with the most almighty shaking/banging of the car. Switched the car off and started the car again and the shaking had stopped however the backbox had literally fallen off the car caused by the shaking. The clamp had corroded and dropped off. Managed to tie the exhaust back on and had a new clamp fitted by the local garage (exhaust flanges seemed ok).

Went to start the car this morning and the shaking/banging re-appeared. Quickly switched the ignition off before waking the whole street up and tried again, shaking and noise dissapeared and this time the exhaust has stayed on. Drove the car 15 miles this morning and all seemed ok other than the standard 'unblock diesel filter' which is another problem I need to get sorted.

Not sure if this is engine mount or flywheel related. Scared to go out to the car later and start it up, any ideas on what to look for or what it may be. The car shudders and shakes and the engine over-runs when I turn the ignition off but never heard anything like the last 2 mornings.


307 2002 2.0HDI 110 (135k)
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