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Hope someone can help my father on this :)

He has an 02 plate DW8 1.9D (Non Turbo) Berlingo that has had an infrequent intermittent problem over the past few months, until now !

Every so often (usually, but not always) when starting, the engine sounds like a box of spanners has been thrown into it, really loud and clattery. Turn the engine off, restart and it goes. This happened every so often but now it is all the time, making it undriveable.

Whilst it is rattling like a good'un there are two other noticeable things happening. The rev counter ceases to work and so does the temperature gauge. These both start to work as soon as the noise goes.

This time however, a further problem has arisen. The glow plugs are not working. The light is not coming up on the dash, and the car wont start. Power is going to the relay from the main lead and one wire in the plug has power but with the ignition on, nothing is going to the smaller lead that goes to the plugs.

So far we have replaced the heater plug relay module and has made no difference. If we hotwire the heater plugs for a few seconds the car will start but sounds like a bag of old bolts (the same clattering noise).

I've tried to plug in a borrowed Autel AutoLink AL419 OBD2 reader but it will not connect. Some sites say the car is OBD2 compliant, others that it is not :confused:

A mechanic friend has said that he would guess it's the advance solenoid on the pump that is at fault, causing the rattling, but is not sure about the other problems (if they are linked). Other people on the internet say its number 1 injector.

Anyone got any ideas ?

Also, could all four problems be linked ? I am wondering if the duff solenoid is linked to all the other non functioning components. I've looked in the Haynes manual but to be honest it is shite :mad:

Dad is a retired old school motor mechanic and can do anything to classic cars but is completely stumped when it comes to modern vehicles with electronics.

Any help greatly appreciated so we can get this fixed :)
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