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I have recently been experiencing problems on my Peugeot Expert 2.0ltr HDI. It is on a 03 plate and has done almost 200,000 miles due to it being a taxi. About 15,000 miles ago it had one of the injectors replaced. Just recently i have been experiencing problems with the engine. It cuts out if i change down gears coming up to a roundabout or anything that involves that action, i have to restart it quickly. Also if i am at a junction in neutral and depress the clutch to put it into first gear the engine will cut out again, it doesnt jerk or splutter just all power is lost. A local garage put it on diagnostics and flagged up a problem with the camshaft sensor which was replaced today, however the problem is still occuring, it may be the second injector which is apparently a mammoth job due to the locality within the engine bay. Any advice would be gratefully recieved as my business has ground to a halt.
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