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A few weeks ago in some thread I claimed that engine, if in Stop state, start if parking brake applied. Now, it remain in stop state. Am I something messed up, maybe in the same time I switch the parking brake on and release my seat belt? Maybe after firmware update this function is altered?

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Mine has always done that. Applying the parking brake while the engine is in stop mode does not start the engine. Releasing the seat belt or opening the door does.

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Yes, I remember you said that before (that was you?), maybe because of EAT. I'm sure that mine used to go in Stop before FW upgrading, nevertheless I'm not sure that FW is reason at all.
Special cases: STOP mode not
STOP mode is not invoked principally when:
- the vehicle is on a steep slope (up or
- the driver's door is open,
- the driver's seat belt is not fastened,
- the vehicle has not exceeded 6 mph (10 km/h)
since the last engine start by the driver,
- the electric parking brake is applied or
being applied,

- the engine is needed to maintain a
comfortable temperature in the passenger
- demisting is active,
- some special conditions (battery charge,
engine temperature, braking assistance,
ambient temperature...) where the engine is
needed to assure control of a system.
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