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I have a 2002 1.6 Roland Garros, does me fairly well as a ‘get me to work’ car with a couple of little luxuries like... not having to put the wipers on in the rain.

I’ve had the cam belt done recently as it’s at 110k and has no record of it being done. I was hoping it may have rid it of a couple of annoying noises the car makes but apparently it’s something else.

At idle, there’s a rattling noise around the aux belt area, presuming it’s a pulley wheel or tensioner? The aux belt was replaced when I got the car around 4 years ago because of the same noises but never proved it further.

The second noise is a whine during revving/accelleration. It gets higher pitched the more you put your foot down. The noise doesn’t go away when the clutch is dipped and the alternator is charging ok.

I’ve recorded a couple of vids for your expert listening skills:

Aux Belt Noise

Whining Noise
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