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Engine fault warning, software issue?

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Hi all

Got a 2020 5008 GT Line, was driving the other day when the engine power just kept stuttering, but no noises and no warnings. Later the engine warning message started coming on saying engine fault repair needed. Engine power seemed to stutter then the car was just crawling along I assume in ‘get me home mode’. Had a garage look at it and they said no mechanical fault, it must be a software fault.

Has anyone had any similar issues, any advice would be greatly appreciated? All my local dealerships have over a month’s lead time for diagnostics and I just can’t afford to wait that long

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Unless the garage you took it to had Diagbox I would get a second opinion.

thank you I will look into that. No they don’t have one, but they said they checked the car over and found nothing mechanical. It is strange, if I turn the car off and on sometimes it’s fine and then drives with no issues at all.
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