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Hi all,

have searched and seen this error pop up but have a different case. I was on the motorway from northern Europe to Bordeaux and at some point after 700km (with a rest overnight at around 500km) i was just accelerating away from a péage but very much on a motorway when I got the dreaded popup ‘engine failure’ message and I was no longer able to accelerate (dangerous!) which is by design I suppose so pulled over then switched off the car, waited half a minute then switched it back on and the error message went away and I was about to drive another 200km to destination. Have driven a further 200km since with no more popups.

Tomorrow are driving back without overnight stop, is there any way for me to see more about the error that happened without specialised apparatus? Was it just a quick system error or an error in displaying an error?

Had issues with airco no working as sensor was broken but was fixed a month ago. Had a lot of issues with the car, been a bit of a lemon. Car is petrol 1.2 auto 2019 5008. Have only been using 95 petrol.

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