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I just wanted to say a big hanks to all that contributed to the post about my "Engine ECU Locked" problem and my car not starting. Now thanks to the suggestions from the members of this forum its all working ok now.

There are too many of you to thanks personally but particular thanks must go to Richard "rwb" on here who kindly visited me with PP2000 multiple times to help me get to the bottom of the problem. The car would have been scrapped without his help, now he has saved it for me. It really does show the power and usefulness of a forum like this.

Essentially the ECM had water damage. I got the car as part payment for some work I did for its previous owner. I was told the ECM and BSI had been changed for a matched pair and the new key was passed on to me.I knew the car was a non runner.

It turns out the COM unit had packed up, the BSI in the car was still the original one and the supplied key did not match the new BSI unit. I found and fitted a replacement COM unit, fitted the replacement BSI ad expected it to start, it didn't. Richard on the advice from the forum then suggested the key might be a problem so I ordered a pair of new virgin keys from eBay. Richard then learned them to the BSI and the car started. It was then just a matter of sorting out the radio and remote central locking which was straightforward.

Once again a huge thanks to Richard and to everyone else that helped.
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