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hi guys. an odd problem happened to my newly purchased 110 hdi, 99-t reg

at some lights, decided to boot the car to get infront of a bloke who wanted my lane, set off quite hard, and before I got far enough to change into second gear power went totally, heard a click. threw it into neutral, and noticed stop light on solid, eml light was on. managed to get to side of road,tried to start it, with no luck, just turned over. sat for ten mins waiting, and turning ignition on and off a dozen or so times(heard this resets limp mode, though don't know if it even was in limp mode, don't know though.) she then fired right up with eml still on. set off gingerly and after half a mile eml went off and seemed to drive fine the 6 miles home.

never had a car do this, then lose eml light, they've always stayed on in other makes. any ideas guys??? have a feeling this could be expensive, really hoping a little light shedding here may save a few precious pounds!!!

thanks in advance all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts