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204 1.4 HDI 2007.
Bought a damaged car quite a while ago, Remote key never worked, but it wasn't a problem... Damage to NSF. Damage all fixed then the electronic bogie man came out to play...
Bear in mind I am a DIY bodger not a professional type fixer..
Lights would come on,, or not come on when wanted,
Radio on and wipers on when putting key on,
Every light known to man flashing on dash display,
Presumed damaged wiring at ABS module, Checked wiring ( in fact all logical wiring) Power and grounds, load tested where I could, half the car pulled to bits checking things !!
Diagbox used that often it nearly connects it's self.. It came up with no connection to different modules now and then ( I was sceptical as when driving actuators from diagbox they all worked) The only one it didn't like was under bonnet fuse box,, yet everything worked !
I was reduced to thinking that I would have to get a real diagnostic man in..
But after looking at wiring diagram for BSI that all the things happening seemed to involve the shunt ?
Took it out checked it, all seemed good. Found something on the internet about somebody booting up the BSI with the shunt missing, then putting it in, worked for them, so of course I tried it......
Now ... I did 3 things together, so I'm not sure made the car work properly, but :-
Charging battery on car, checked battery voltage 10 volt !!!!!! Charger giving 13 volt ... Weird, so connected my battery drop tester, battery showing duff... Put my spare fully charged battery on and did BSI wake up, but cocked up and had side lights on......
So, was it the battery somehow causing a problem ( despite showing 13 volt most of the time) Or the fact I didn't follow the BSI boot up script and gave it a bit of a kick up the arse when I put the battery on ? or was it the shunt getting plugged in that shocked the BSI into action ?
But now everything including the remote key works !!!!

Sedre and servicebox confused things with duff info , just to help things along

Hopefully you stayed awake till the end :lol:
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