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Hi ..Looking for advice and new on forum....several issues

I have a P reg 106 auto (Petrol) 1600cc Peugeot. It has now done just over 36K and runs well and well maintained.

A couple of weeks ago the key pad alarm/ immobiliser stopped working. It stopped working in the way that when the car is switched off the red light flashes as though immobilised. But when you get in the car and switch the ignition on to start.. The light goes straight to green without putting the code in and then you can start the car.

Last night I got in the car as per normal turned the ignition and the ignition lights briefly came on then a click sound and no power what so ever.

No lights/ hazards internal light etc…nothing. Any thing electrical would not work.

This morning I checked all the fuses .All looked ok, and then I checked the Maxi fuse box??

They all looked fine….wiggled them etc…put cover back on.

Then noticed a light had come on and car worked/ started up etc. Stereo was not working as needed the code put in.

So my questions are
1- Is this alarm related….if so how to fix I could not see how you get the fuses out of the Maxi fuse box.
2- How do I fix the alarm issue on its own?
3- I could not tell if the alarm fuses were ok…could this be the alarm problem?
4- Any other advice thoughts would help.

Many thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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