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Was hoping someone might be able to help.

Couple of months back, my stereo started to fade out, meaning I would switch on and listen and gradually volume faded until there was nothing ?

I left it a while, and thought I would check fuse etc at some point, as the clock time and date bulbs or the clock itself had also stopped working.

When I got around to having a look I took of centre panel near clock to see if it was obvious how to get to bulbs. It wasn't so I put it back with the view to goggle it and get more info.

Then I released the stereo just to check all leads going in were ok. which they seemed to be. Then I had a quick look at fuses, or at least the ones which would easily come out none seemed to have gone although, difficult to know for sure without multimeter. When I put fuse shelf back, I noticed fuel gauge, speedo, and temp gauge , hazards pretty much everything not working, yet I was very careful not to disturb anything.

Would anyone have any ideas on how a novice might start to identify what the problem might be ?

I have heard that there is a way to reset the electrics ?

Any ideas would be great

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