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I have some problems with the electrical system of my 306, 1.6L Petrol, 72KW, 2000.

The problems manifest themselves that i am unable to turn off the engine once it is running by removing the keys. When turning the keys back into the normal turn off state, i.e. where the dashboard, airconditioning and front lights are still on, the engine wont turn off, meaning the engine is still fed electricity. The same is the case when removing the keys completely from the ignition.

After killing the engine, and removing the keys, the electronics are still turned on, and currently, i can only turn them off by removing the connection to the positive pole of the battery.

Suspecting that the switch inside the ignition might be damaged, i disconnected the ignition cylinder (the one at the steering wheel with the keyhole) by unplugging both cables leading from it. However, when reconnecting the battery afterwards lead again to the same results (i.e. frontlights on, airconditioner on, dashboard on). This leads me to assuming that there is something wrong with one of the relays, however, i am unsure which one it could be. Looking up the Haynes manual did not help that much either.

Thus, my question is whether somebody has experienced something similar, and what to check/how to fix the problem. A quick glance at the forum did not provide any results, however i might have overlooked something.

I have additionally tested how the engine reacts when pulling the connections from the ignition. Here the removal of the grey connector leads to an alarm sound, and the engine shutting off. Additionally, the orange relay shown in one of the pictures has a loose cap. Currently i cant test further, due to the engine not starting anymore. The startmotor works, but it seems the battery has started draining.

Furthermore, when turning the car on, the engine revved up to 4000rpm, without me touching the gaspedal. However, after restarting it, this did not reoccur.

Also tested the fuel/ignition relay behind the ECU. Removing it and reconnecting the Battery did not solve the problem.


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