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Hi Guys

I had something strange happen this morning, dropped my missus off to work and on the way back home the car died with no engine management light warning and the rev counter stayed sat on 1000rpm until I switched the ignition off, switched back on and fine then cut out again with the same scenario with the rev counter.

Managed to get the car home before it completely died on me, run Planet and I'm getting codes P0337 and P0339 - reset the codes and am now getting P0337 only.

Yesterday I had to replace the crank sensor wheel that sits between the crank pulley and timing belt sprocket along with a new revised pulley, but I have done 50+ miles since doing that with no issues?

Is my car going completely mad or have I got a failed crankshaft sensor??

Do I have symptoms of the crank sensor failing or is there any way I can check its functionality?

I've checked the crank pulley in case but its still nice and tight, and the wiring to the crank sensor looks ok and isn't near anything that can damage it.

Any help or advice on this would be a massive help.

Many thanks :thumb:

P.S The car in question is a 307 SW XSi HDi 136bhp model.
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