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Hello everyone.

My Peugeor 307 sw has just failed its MOT due to the washers not working.

I have been trying to fix this fault for two weeks now with no joy.

Here is where i am at the moment.

I have changed the com 2000 but had to take it back because it was worse than the one i had.

Checked all the fuses none have blown.

Checked the washer pump and it works and i have changed it anyway.

All the pipes and jets are clear.

Checked the voltage at the pump connector and i have -14v when the rear wash wipe is twisted.

14v at the connector when the front wash wipe is activated.

Is 14 volts too much because there is only 12v measured at the 10amp fuse way.

12 volts measured across the 10am fuse way when stalk is activated.

When the pump is connected to the wiring connector and the stalks are activated there is no current present at the washer pump connector but the pump does humb for a millisecond when the rear wash is turned on.

When i connect a earth to one side of the pump nothing happens when the front wash is activated but when the rear is turned on the pump starts and continuously pumps.

please can anyone help me or point me in the right direction on where to check next as my retest ends tomorrow.

Many thanks in advance

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