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My wifes 107 had a blown drivers side (offside) headlight, this was followed by the engine management light coming on after a day or two (not at the same time).

When you remove the headlight bulb the engine light goes out, but as soon as you put it back in the engine light comes back on, and the headlight bulb only lights dimly.

I have checked the grounds etc and it all checks out, has anybody encountered this fault before or have any ideas.:rolleyes:


You almost certainly have a poor earth somewhere. Unless the cable in question has actually broken, you won't spot it visually so you'll need to undo, clean and refit every one, protecting them with dielctric grease.

If that doesn't do it, check the bulb connector hasn't melted, corroded or broken.

Then try sawpping the bulbs from side to side, or replacing them entirely. They're H4 on the 107 so it's difficult to install them in the wrong position, though folk have managed it over the years.
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