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On Tuesday I picked up a 04 plate 307 SW. Lovely car really enjoying driving it not quite as much fun to drive as my Land Rover Defender but never mind not brought it for that.

Once I got the car home I was playing about with all the switches and toys as you do. I realised my electric mirrors wont adjust. They fold in when you lock the car and out as you turn the ignition on but won’t adjust. I also noticed the other night that the switch inside the car that folds the mirrors in and out and alters the side you want to adjust wasn't lit up. The mirrors do fold in and out on this switch.

I couldn't see a fuse mentioned for the mirrors in the Handbook. I think its the internal switch that’s at fault. Any ideas?

My local main dealer did suggest it might need new software downloading to the car. Is this possible?

Any ideas grateful received, cheers
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