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STMicroelectronics M95128-RMN6TP EEPROM Memory, 128kbit 8-Pin SOIC

Memory Size128kbit
Interface TypeSPI
Package TypeSOIC
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Pin Count8
Organisation64 Page x 128K
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage1.8 V
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage5.5 V
Programming Voltage1.8 → 5.5V
Number of Bits per Word128K
Dimensions3 x 2 x 0.6mm
Number of Words64 Page
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature+85 °C


If it is I plan to play at virginizing my bsi as my car is knackered, if I get it to work I'll post step by step how I did it, using which tool and which software

I assume by trawling the tinterweb for a month now I have to:

1. desolder the one on my bsi and read/save the file
2. Get a virgin dump from same BSI number/Year/Trim, I also think, but am not 100% sure that the info from the original dump file can be used as a base to virginize if I can't get a virgin dump online, think you ffff some of the data
3. Copy the good info to the blank (new) Eeprom, however, I think my Eeprom info is scrambled, this is currently the fly in the ointment as copying the information would surely just copy the knackered information to the new chip, or I just flash virgin to new Eeprom and write Vin, keycode, stereo, reversing sensors, leccy windows etc to virgin bsi using PP2000 as new BSI - (Keycode was from Trustme from VIN, top bloke, quick and cheap)

** I am assuming that you can't use PP2000/Galletto 1260 ECU Diagnostic Cable and BDM100 flashing programme/cable to virginize my current bsi in situ, i.e. delete all information and start again without desoldering the chip, because if you can I'd be pissed off as I could have done this weeks ago instead of waiting (and buying) Eeprom reader/flasher, Galletto 1260 ECU Diagnostic Cable and BDM100 flashing programme/cable

I'm doing this because my car hasn't started in a month, cranks but not starting after flat battery and jump start, if I get it sorted by doing this and it helps someone else then your welcome to the information with the caveat that if you break it it's your fault

I may be naive and this process is being done arse ways but this is why I joined this forum and posted the information so wiser folk can say - "NO, don't do that" or "yeh, your on right track" or even "you can plug pp2000 in and wipe the chip from OBD2"


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Hi Gaz,

The EEPROM chip will be different depending on which model of BSI you have. At some point, Peugeot changed the BSI systems, around 2007/8. At this point, the electronics in the cars became very reliable as a poke around the forums just shows issues with >2006 cars.

Best way forward would be to simply buy a similar BSI to your original, desolder the EEPROM, copy the data into a dump file, then virginise it, installing it back on.

Has the best tutorial. I wouldn't recommend his hack of not de soldering the chip though.

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Cheers my eeprom writer was delivered on Monday but I'm in Cornwall for the week
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