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First time poster & after some opinions.

My partner has a 2008 206cc 1.6, it was bought in May 2015 as a 'learner car' with the intention of it being 1st car. Yes, I know ridiculous situation but threats such as "Well I am going to buy a 2nd hand Range Rover (reality: 6th/7th for money & would be on last legs/have been round the world) if you wont help, its my money" were made so at least I sourced a nice car, test drove etc and less chance of having to fix things.
Fast forward nearly 2 years and the car has turned into an 'occasional car' and no driving tests have been passed yet...not even attempted actually..

Anyway..I digress...usually the car is no issue (being it hardly gets used) but this week it has decided to play up.

While cleaning the inside of the car on Monday (24/4/17) I started the engine, drove down the street, turned the car around & turned off ignition again, proceeded to clean. Started the engine again, put the electric roof down, cleaned more. Once finished started the engine a third time to put the roof back up. All ok at this point and blissfully unaware of economy mode.

Went back in the house for a cuppa, came back out to pull the car up the driveway and the motor would not even attempt to start - just a click from the glovebox fusebox area (like a relay switch sound). Battery light was flashing and 'economy mode active' on the display. Not the usual click-click-click of a battery dying or a sluggish start leading up to it, just the relay click.

Ok, so possible flat battery as its not been used for 3 weeks and I may have drained the last bit using the roof. I probably should have drove it around for the alternator to charge the battery (some expletives at this point)...but with that in mind, borrowed a ctek msx 7.0 charger from a family member and charged it.

Charged while the battery was still mounted in the car - done this once before when the battery was flat and worked fine (although at least last time it was attempting to start). Found out since the correct procedure would have been to remove it totally but never owned a Peugeot before so assumed charging while still mounted in the car would be fine (something my father does & done on many cars before)

Except this time, unlike last time, it made no difference & did not cure. Battery charger had indicated the battery was charged about 5 hours after being put on, removed charger & tried to start it to no avail - still 'economy mode active' and flashing battery light (all electrics also out other than dash bulbs, display, hazards & interior lights). Noticed 'oil' message was on at starting, although this has been the case since buying the car (read the oil sensor can be flaky). To be sure - I did check the oil & water, all at max of gauge.

Removed battery from car & charged overnight (last night) using a the 'recondition' setting on the charger, in the hope it would bring it back to life, even temporarily to be sure it was the battery. Fitted the battery back to the car this morning - same result 'economy mode active' and no attempt to fire up when the ignition turned.

Checked the fuses in the glovebox and the engine fusebox (removed one by one, visually inspected to confirm no breaks, and put back as was) - all look fine.

I have read some useful posts on here about:

'checking oil + water' - these are both fine
'removing the shunt fuse for a few mins' - tried it, same & it was in the correct customer setting
'caused by battery' - it could still be but wondering if putting a new battery in would clear the economy mode active issue or some kind of reset would be also required after?
'could be starter motor dead or solenoid stuck' - could be, but how to be sure?
'could be water ingress into loom' - something I have not checked as yet as did not want to start taking bits off an unfamiliar car. Plus if I get someone to look at it, no doubt they will blame "the guy who attempted this before"

Bookedmarked a lot of the posts read but I cant add with it being my first post.

The car has the same symptoms as a video on YouTube I cant link to either but googling 'peugeot 207 economy mode active wont start' and selecting videos, 2nd result titled 'Peugeor 207 "Check Oil "Economy Mode Active" will find it.

There are no audible sounds when leaving the door open or light switch switched on, its like all electrics are cut on the car other than display, dash bulbs, interior lights & hazards, so also makes the BSI reset procedure tricky. Pulled out a multimeter and tested the battery after charging the 2nd time & showed approx 13v - know this isnt a real test as not reading when engine is trying to start but best I can do with how the car is at present (and my skill level)

So just after any more opinions really before the possible hassle of getting it towed to a garage or dealer 11 miles away, or investing in a new battery which may not fix the issue.

I am no mechanic - fixing computers was my trade until a few years ago so am used to fiddling about with things & researching but dont have the tools for the job to diagnose this myself I think. Toyed whether investing in the Lexia 3 + Peugeot Planet is worthwhile but chances are the Peugeot will be getting sold shortly anyway due to lack of use.

One saving grace is that partners uncle also has a 206 so hoping he will be talked into coming down, and we can try his battery in it.


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sounds a good idea...but use the battery disconnect/reconnect method.(bsi sleep)all on here to guide you....

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Charging the battery on the car is absolutely fine i doubt the battery is the real issue wiring far more likely

Economy mode is a symptom NOT the issue check the wiring on top of gearbox there should be 2 earths these break off.

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Couple more days on....update

Thank reliable 406 - I visually checked the negative lead from the battery down to what I assume is the top of the gearbox, and the one from underneath the battery tray. Had to do from looking under the bonnet, no ramps or anything to get the car up. Looked ok from what I could see - the lead from battery tray & negative join in a Y then bolt onto gearbox top, nothing hanging off or missing. This what you meant?

I couldn't get that spare battery without hassle so ended up buying a new one when I worked out the Varta in the car was made in October 2007. Rang varta with the battery code to check for me (before the colored stickers came out so knew it was going to be old). Bought an Exide 027 Battery from eurocarparts read somewhere as its the sport version it would need the 027 with the extra cca as oppose to a 012 battery. Disconnected old & fitted new - using the 3 minute rule procedure found at....ah, cant put links on yet.

Still not attempting to turn over however the centre console display was now saying 'Check Oil' rather than just the dash 'oil'light flashing couple of times. Checked the oil level again, and since moving the car to a flatter surface while dicking about with it, it was just on the put a bit more in until slap bang between max & min = same result, car complaining about oil level.

Next step - tried the BSI reset procedure found at..again would love yo link but cant yet. Same result. I didnt leave the ignition in long enough for the Economy Mode Active warning to kick in, so at least had electrics to windows etc.

Next step - bump start, worth a shot. Luckily the car was on a bit of an incline & no neighbors about so enough room to try it today. It fired up in 2nd great! Drove the car around the area, some 8 miles/40 min drive, not daring to turn it off, all seems fine. Brought it back home, ignition off...waited a minute...tried again, same - no attempt to start just the oil warning.

Next step- - tried BSI reset again, no change.

Thought ok, starter motor perhaps where the issue lies...fuse maybe. Looked in the engine fusebox, found fuse F8 (starter control) which should be a 20A...except it wasnt, it was a 25A....suspicious...pulled it out and yes, it was blown. Borrowed a 20A fuse from the glovebox F8 (Audio CD changer, display) and put in the starter control F8...attempted to start again = blown fuse. Tried a 30A from glovebox F6 (Front electric windows) = another fuse blown.

So least little bit more information and least I know I can get the car to a garage by bump starting it. Off to buy more fuses to replace the ones Ive blown & get some spares.

Any further ideas chaps?
Garage job to get a diagnostic kit on the only next step?

Partner now talking about scrapping purely for the reason sick of hearing me go on about it & that I was right not to buy a car when cant drive :)
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