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EGC - Gearbox Repair Required

Hi Everyone,

I need your help ,please share your opinions on this.

Two weeks ago trying to start the car i got "Gearbox Repair Required" error on my dashboard, getting this error will not allow the engine to start. My first thought was i'm f**d, gearbox gone, only the actuator part will cost me more than 1k. Opened the bonnet, checked the wiring, pressed the sockets attached to the gearbox case, left it for 10 min, then tried again to start the car, all good, miracle, the car was running perfectly. Oh well , maybe was one-off.

A week later same scenario, now i'm at the forth iteration, i don't even open the bonnet, i just wait 5 -10 min and after the car runs fine. It seems to happen more and more often.

I already reset the computer by unplugging the battery, leaving 10 min , bla, bla,etc, did not fixed it, today it happened again.

My opinion is this, every time we turn the key, in the first phase the computer checks all sensors, that is why we see dials going up and down, one thing that also checks is the gearbox position, this is visible every time i initialise the car, for 1 second the selected letters changes before ignition. I believe the gearbox position sensor is about to die or a connecting wire is half broken or the on board computer software is corrupted somehow. Normally when parked, with the engine off and the keys in the ignition, if you switch the gears you can hear a mechanical click, that means the actuator was triggered. When i get the error no mechanical click is heard, the computer is not even trying, again maybe because the gearbox position sensor doesn't feed the info.

Before i go to a Peugeot garage (i really doubt that a local garage has any knowledge about ECG gearboxes) i would like to know your opinions. I already imagine that they will choose to change the actuator (less headache and more £££ for them), then i will get the error again, then they will recommend to change the clutch and the flywheel and so on.
I can't see it as a mechanical failure since all is fine after 10 minutes (car goes in economy mode).

Please help, thank you in advance!

Peugeot 508 SW 1.6 HDI 112 BHP 80K MILES


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How old is your battery? When mine was 4 years old I got lots of strange messages, and it was just because the battery was old. I didn't get this gearbox message in particular, but it did demonstrate that the entire car can get confused when the battery needs replacing.

Good luck!

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Hi Antony508,

Thank you for your post, i think you are right, it still has the original battery (6 years in oct), i called the local peugeot dealer and he quoted me £110 for a new fitted battery, which is too cheap in my opinion, i don't think he realised is a start-stop engine.

It makes sense if the battery is too weak and creates these false errors, on the other side, not always, the start-stop kicks-in.

I've ordered a cheap Bluetooth OBD reader,i'm just curious if i can read any fault codes before next week appointment to Peugeot garage.

I will post the outcome.

Thank You!


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had the exact same problem and symptoms.... e.g. gearbox repair
the car behaved very similar.... gearbox failure message came up and turning car off for 2-3 minutes and trying again gave a 50/50 chance of starting and working....
it got worse with time, and eventually very frequent message.... so I could no longer take the chances (this went from once every few weeks to once a day after about 2months)

When i ran a diagnostic it gave me the following errors

P1755 and
took to peugeot dealership and the root cause was clutch problem as indicated by the message and an independent garagist (who i didn't trust! I should have!!)

Peugeot charged me alot of money to change the clutch, but i had no choice due to my lack of comfort trusting the local garage... anyhow, clutch change fixed it, so it was not a gearbox problem at all....

I would recommnd running a diagnostic if you have the tools, or even try to see if you can get something out of the cheap obd interfaces which work with android apps/phones via bluetooth.
If you are in london west (harrow) area, I have the peugeot diagnostic so can do it for free for you no probs.
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