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Hi all!

It is summer and with summer hot days come!
I have the problem that the passenger side is much colder than the driver side.

In the middle of the day with outside temperature of 25 - 30 C, I had 25 C at the driver's side blown air temperature and 15.3 C at the passenger side.
This was with LO at the A/C.
However, for the heat it is the opposite, had 68.3 C at the driver's side and 63.2 C at the passenger side.

I attach some pictures of these measurements, that was done with diagbox.
This problem was also verified with external temperature sensor where the trend was the same, passenger's side is colder and the driver's side is hotter.
It is also felt with the hands as well. So temperature sensor faulty is trippled checked :)

I found a great thread here about the air mixing motor that tends to break.
(This is the thread: )

I thought it would be a good idea to check mine out and perhaps someone has only missed the fitting of the motor so that it is a little out of sync so that it can't reach the coldest hard stop.
Well I took it apart and it was in great shape... (see attached pictures.)

I tried moving it by hand between hottest and coldest and it gets hot/cold but never as cold as the passenger side still....
So it was fitted correctly and in good shape.

I put it back with the procedure:
- Setting the temperature to "LO" so that the servo was in position 0 % according to diagbox.
- Turned the airmixing cog manually anti-clockwise to the hard stop when it was as cold as possible.
- Mounted back the servo to the cogs and tightened the screws.

I'm really out of ideas now... Anyone know what should be checked now or if I have made something wrong with the mounting described above?

Low setting and high setting and temperature from diagbox.


Picture showing where it is located if anyone finds this thread and wonder.

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Had the same problem before I changed the pollen filter. But will take a look.

But I think that somewhere it should be a blockage to the driver side, so I think I should focus on how to investigate this. Don't really know how the routing of the air is done and where the separation to the passenger/driver is. One reasonable thought is that it is some type of blockage that restricts the air to the driver and the air therefore also ends up taking the easiest way out, through passenger vents. Maybe not a full blockage but at least partially.

This is my picture of how the air path is but it is only reasonable thought, if someone know I would really like to know!

- Pollen filter
- Evaporator (May be possible to see the evaporator with a mirror when removing pollen filter? Think I will try to see if it has some blockage.)
- Volume, where the air can take 4 different paths. I guess that the fan is in this volume? (Cold air to passenger/driver, path to the heat exchanger for passenger/driver.)
- Air mixing flap might be behind the heat exchanger so when it is closed no air will be forced through the heat exchanger.
- Mixing volume of cold/hot air. Different mixing volume for passenger/driver.
- Distribution flap to lead the air to window, feet, body.

If this is an overview of how the air path is, I would like to get access somehow to the path that is bypassing the heat exchanger with cold air for the driver side.
Don't know if it is possible to reach it through the vents in the middle console or not?
Will also try to put the fan in middle position/body only and turn off the passenger and middle vents and see how cold the air is going to get closest to the door for the drive. This might raise the pressure in the system and force it to the driver side if there is a blockage.
Maybe even try to block all other vents and only have driver side free.
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