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hello to anyone who reads this!

i just got a CRD2 tuning box from DTUK, for my peugeot 307 1.4 hdi. after taking a million and one things out of the engine bay, i managed to get to the common rail, take the plug off and connect the box up. after puttin it all back together again, i tried to start the car.

the starter motor was goin fine, but the damn engine just wouldnt start at all!!!!

after takin it all apart again, and puttin it all back together again again, this time without the tunin box on, i started it, and it worked just fine?!?!?!?! :confused:

does anybody have any ideas as to what might have been stoppin the engine from startin. i rang the bloke from DTUK (who was incredibly helpful, spoke me through everything, and then possible remedies, with no luck) and he was baffled as to why it wouldnt start...

just wonderin if any technical type of people on here would know...?

p.s: DTUK team are excellent, great products, and definately the best aftersales service i have ever got from anyone, highly reccomend them :)
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