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Hi. Drove into a pothole the other day - bad - flattened tyre passenger side.

Since then the drop link hits the edge of the wishbone. I don't know if this is a result of the pothole or just a coincidence. If you drive through a hole in the road the droplink clunks of the wishbone. I noticed that if you turn the steering of full lock to the right the bottom of the droplink pretty much touches the edge of the wishbone - however if you do the same on the driverside (turn hard left) the droplink on this side still has a couple of inches clearance from the wishbone. So something is either moving or bent.

Could the wishbone be bent - it would have to been bent toward the droplink (toward the back of the car) or could it be bushes.

Basically l'm just guessing...nothing looks bent.

Any suggestions ?? Or methods of checking things ?

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