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Hi folks,

This is a saga that is turning into an Epic.

WARNING - once you go looking for possible MOT fails - you get a list of "to- do's!!

It all started last year when my handbrake was sticky on one rear wheel.
A closer look, and yup, the cable cover had been melted by the exhaust, and the inner had now rusted enough to sieze.
Bought a cable (two different ones actually on Ebay, as there are two different brake types)
Couldn't get the hub off, but eventually did - cracking a brake shoe in the process.
The drum was badly scored, but also the adjusters weren't even fitted correctly!
So, a new set of shoes were bought.
Now, it's stupid to replace a worn drum - so I needed to buy 2 of them as well, and the wheel bearings are pressed into these - so put 2 new bearings on the list too !
As a final thing - I checked front brakes, and those were low on the pads - so it got a new set of front pads too.

Then I started getting serious knocking when reversing, and was very noisy while at it. I suspected LH (NS) driveshaft, and although it did have some play, it seemed like it was the frot diff! :eek:
Took it to a local garage - that gave the same diagnosis, and offered a new or recon gearbox.
I bought a take-off one, and fitted it over the next 2 days as i had some work holidays owing.
I also put another driveshaft on just to be sure.

This year, I made te mistake of checking my brake disc wear. They were under limit:(
Found some nice ones on Ebay, and fitted them along with new pads, but noticed the flexi-hoses were cracked, and there was a rubber mounting loose on the NS wishbone.
So - a wishbone and set of flexi's were fitted next.
Not so easy - the flexi's had siezed onto the brake pipes, so needed re-piping all the way back to the master. (the rear had been stripped out last year due to corrosion)
Bad luck with the wishbone. No matter how tight the clamp bolt was - the pin still was loose. It was actually undersize!
Another wishbone - and another driveshaft because the earlier one had split it's boot, been repaired and still wasn't 100%.

3 weeks ago - noise at the front was traced to a OS wheelbearing - seriously worn.
So - 2 new wheelbearings fitted as well.
I now find there is an intermittent rumble ( about 1 per second while moving), and a tinkling sound when I have my window open.
Looking at the OS driveshaft, there is a point when the wheel is rotated that the inside shaft physically moves in a definate clonk. It only happens once in the same place on each revolution.
Is this the intermediate bearing on this shaft - or the CV joint? Noise points to Bearing - but clonk ???
Maybe worth buying a complete driveshaft including bearing ? or just the bearing?:confused:

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Driveshaft replaced with a "take-off".

Problem was a rough bearing in the middle of the OS driveshaft, and a broken spring in the CV joint.

I would like to say that was it finished, but the rear bearing seened loose, and would not tighten.

So I had to replace that too. :mad:

Anyone tried getting the snap -ring out of the rear hub to replace the bearing ? :mad: :eek:

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Forgot to say - bearings replaced now ok.

To get the snap ring out I used a hardplate drillbit and drilled through the snapring cutting it into two.

If you have a dremmel or die grinder - that would be better, and a small 1/8" grindstone. Cutting into the bearing housing a little just to cut the snapring into two will not affect it in that area - there is more than enough room for it to sit in.

Hopefully will get through iit's MOT !:eek:
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