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Hey guys....Well i went and brought the flywheel conversion forward and had it done friday (£490 all in, with a free oil and filter change)....Wow what a difference....lots of noises have disappeared and it runs ALOT better....The starting of the car has improved 50,000 times and im super impressed.....HOWEVER...the garage told me i need a new bearing on the drive shaft (the one that sits in the middle of the longer drive shaft)..I didnt even know it had one..Now what i need to know is, do u reckon i can do this on me drive or will it need pressing on....If im honest i haven't even looked underneath to find out cause im a lazy sod....Or do you reckon i should just pay the £70-£80 the garage wants to do it....:eek:

Oh, 307 dturbo 2.0 110 '03.......Rocket ship miles...(140,000)

Cheers guys....:D:confused:

P.S. breakdown of cost....£250 conversion kit (genuine peugeot gt'eed 2 yrs), £150 labour, £8 gearbox oil and the rest was vat....i hate the tax man....
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