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I've had my 2019 '2008 Petrol/Manual Allure Premium' for a few months and just noticed something odd.
I know I can close the windows with a long press of the close button on the key fob but I do not have the ability to open the windows from the key fob. I have tried it many times.

Today I parked up in the rain and went into a shop. I came out and approached from the passenger side and unlocked the car and didn't spot anything unusual.
When I got to the drivers side, the window was fully down. Just one window.
The inside of the car was dry so this must have just happened. I had been in the shop for 10mins so if I had left it open, then the inside of the car would be wet.

Any ideas?

My only guess is that the 'open from locked' feature does exist in my car but just be disabled (maybe in the key). Across the road was a very heavy road surface excavator being moved, maybe some odd electrical signal from my remote plus interference from the high voltage excavator triggered the feature??? (a long shot)
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