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Dear All,

I have a 308 SW 2.0 150 hp BlueHdi (2015).

Were unlocking the car as usually with key remote button but the drivers door stayed locked (all other doors did unlock). Manually unlocking with a key did not help. Drivers door stayed locked.
So I had to lock and unlocked a couple of times and then the doors unlocked.
Right after that I did lock and unlock a car normally. So looks like some time have to pass for the problem to appear.

The next time problem appeared I tried and successfully opened locked driver door from the inside.

This morning car unlocked normally (stayed locked for day or 2) but after leaving work in the afternoon the drivers door did not unlock again. So I had to lock and unlock a few times. (The time that car unlocked was when I waited for mirrors to fully close and then unlock it again - probably does not matter)

Did anyone had the same problem?
All suggestions will be helpful.

Best regards,
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