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There are a few posts about driver door lock trouble and our 308 is now playing up yet again having already had the lock unit replaced twice under warranty.
As with other threads, car locks itself when the door is open orafter closing, doesn't release the other doors when drivers door opened, doesn't sound 'lights on' or 'keys in ignition' warnings when door opened. Drivers door also doesn't lock properly again unless release button is activated or another door is opened. All in all it's a right pain.
We've been unable to replicate it when it's been in to our local dealer on last two occasions and they've not wanted to replace it despite being an identical fault. This time, speaking to one of the mechanics he reckons they've had an info flash about it - does anyone have access to these or know when it might have been issued please?
Seems the sales staff also got caught when they left keys in a forecourt car which locked itself and they had to smash window to get in.
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