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About 17 years ago, when I just started becoming involved with plants, I dreamed that a Bear had taken me to my mother's backyard to show me Burdock. I watched her dig it up with her claws, so I did the same and tasted it. Later that day, after I had woken up, I went to my mom's backyard and dug up a Burdock root from the same spot as in my dream. It tasted exactly the same. After reading up on this plant, I realized that I had need of its special healing virtues.

Many years later when I was a College Horticulture student, I dreamed of eating 9 Holly berries. Since I did not have access to Holly, I interpreted that as meaning there was some crap in my live I seriously needed to purge, which I eventually did, but not before being fully embroiled in the toxicity of that particular situation/bad relationship. (Maybe I was supposed to feed him the holly berries? )

Then, about a year before I started having mild strokes and high blood pressure, I dreamed that I was sampling some Foxglove. I found this odd since its not a plant I would ever consider ingesting, but after those health problems started, I realized what the dream was telling me.

I'm sure there have been other dreams along these lines, but these are the only ones I can remember at the moment.

I would love to know if any of you have had similar experiences. I would feel most honoured if you would share them.
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