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Hi guys,

I got an P1446 error code (no message on dash), so I had filled the reservoir up with EOLYS and tried to reset the counter with PP2000 v25. Unfortunately, as I see, the new pp2000 versions have lacking functions (i.e. no Graph Measurement or descriptions of several measured parameters), and maybe this is the reason why I couldn´t finish the reset process. I followed the instructions, but I cant do the 10. step:

1.Well setup your Peugeot Planet 2000software, connect lexia3 interface to your car.
2.Select “ECU Configuration and Services”.
3.Choose “Global Test” and follow system prompts.
4.The diagnostics will take up to 5 minutes to run.
5.Select “Diesel Fuel Additive Control unit”.
6.Select “Configuration.”
7.Select “Cleaning or replacement of DPF”.
8.Note the number of injections and double click the red text. Follow the prompt and ok.
9.First counter Zero reset completed.
10. Select Replacement of filling of rest.
11. Read the INSTRUCTIONS on screen and press ok.
12. Note the count and double-click the red counter and it will be reset after ignoring the warning.
13. Remove the ignition key and unplug PP from the obd2 port.
14. Unlock the fuel cap and remove and count to 10 and replace.
15. Plug back in PP and power the ignition but don’t start the engine.
16. Select Cleaning or replacement of DPF again and check the counter is still 0

, since I have no such function after the 9. step, I should go back to the main (configuration) menu, where I have:
Cleaning or replacement of PEF
Replacement of additive ECU
Configuration of additive ECU

I can do this loop again, but no "filling reservoir" appears. Reading the ECU fault codes I see there is only 1 gramm (I used the car), so what causes the the fault?
ECU Fault Code: P1446
Additive level status: Yes
Total quantity of additive: 1 grammes
Distance travelled since last regeneration: 375 km
Minimum Level of additive reached: wait
Mileage threshold reached: Yes km

(BTW: What is additive level status: yes, and minimum level of additive reached?)

I´m wondering if I can use an older "single pp2000" or "pp2000 embedded in diagbox" to recall these functions (having newest full chipped interface).
What should I do?

(Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi, RHS, 2002)
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