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I have been tasked with sorting my daughter's 11 plate 207 HDi which has started giving her a few problems.
A lot of the threads on here have been really helpful but it's time I got my hands dirty now, especially after finding out she's spent £300 to have the DPF cleaned...three times now (with it blocking again after a month or two).
I've explained to her about passive regeneration etc. but she only has a low speed commute to work and forgets to give it the occasional good blast on the motorway.
The engine management light is now on and the car is in limp mode.
I don't have a Lexia3 lead (yet...) just a standard bluetooth OBD2 linked to Torque on my phone. When I scanned for faults it returned a P242F fault which Google tells me is the dreaded DPF again!
As it is now restricted to 3K rpm I assume means that a passive regen is off the cards now.

So... I've read up on removing the filter to clean it which (seized nuts aside) seems pretty straight forward. But, after doing this, will the ECU realise that the filter is now unblocked and let the engine run properly or will I need to acquire a Lexia3 lead and PP2000 (or Diagbox) to tell it there's a new filter installed? save getting my hands dirty, could I use PP2000/Diagbox to force a regen? (or is that not a good plan seeing as it's in in limp mode)

Any help will be most appreciated!
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