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Long story short I've been chasing DPF problems for years,
settled on a regime of long blast to clear out the DPF every now and then and manually cleaning (jet wash) every now and then (does work very well, PP shows it gets DPF load down to 10-11%).
Anywho, I'm looking to sell the car (get back to my more reliable 207 running on veg) however the last time I cleaned the DPF with a pressure washer it got slightly damaged and a few of the blocked off ends broke off (literally maybe 5-10 of them). This has now lead to the car throwing an error saying the DPF is no longer present :bang:.

I've had 3 DPF pressure sensors on there and the car has not liked any of them, the car has a Delphi ECU so it will cost around £300+ to send the ECU off to get it remapped to remove the DPF so now I'm thinking DPF pressure sensor emulator?

I've seen some around, does anyone have any experience with them?

any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Best regards
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