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My 6 month old Boxer van has just sprung a leak. Noticed fluid under the front passenger side during the recent heatwave. Luckily I managed to catch most of the reddish/brown fluid (about 2litres) in a tray. It's come from a black plastic box (which I'm told this is a DPF additive tank which holds Eoyls fluid used to treat the fuel for the DPF regeneration)
I've got it booked in to the main dealers tomorrow.
Just wondered if this is a common issue. Hope the warranty covers it.

Update after visiting garage:
They dispute the problem is theirs because they say there are signs of self inflicted damage. Which I've challenged as it's only 6months old with 1k mileage and been on my drive for last month. Meeting the garage manager this afternoon to discuss. I'll let you know how I get on!!

Update 2:
Mechanic and warranty guy at garage agree it should be warranty so just awaiting for Peugeot to authorise remedial work. I will update once I find out.

Update 3:
Peugeot now want more details/pictures of tank so it needs to come off before authority can be given. The garage still want me to underwrite the full cost of parts/labour/analysis etc £621 in case Peugeot refuse to cover it. Basically I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either agree to work or take van away for second opinion which could cause more damage and might invalidate warranty and still cost me.

Update (final):
Peugeot agreed a manufacturing defect so replaced tank under warranty. Apparently no other reports of similar incidents so it's probably a one off issue. Anyway, overall I'm satisfied with the service provided from both the garage and Peugeot.
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