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Would love to hear from those lucky people who've actually taken deliver. Was it worth the wait and what do you love/dislike about your new car?
Solutions to tasks that people are likely to struggle with ( given the minimal knowledge from dealers) such as voice control sat nav would be really helpful

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Compared to a Range Rover Evoque that a mate has (the 3008 has):
a) seats aren't as padded as the evoque
b) handling more wobble in the 3008 - the RR history shows in it's more surefooted handling
c) 3008 rear will step out (oversteer) - however I'm unsure if that's tyre pressure or tracking.
d) 3008 has more boot space (boot space between rear seat and roof is really small on the evoque)
e) 3008 has less buttons/better layout
f) Evoque has HUD but then has dials.. (why dials?)
g) human interaction on the touch screen is better on the 3008 and the nav setup is nicer.
h) Evoque has leather on the dash etc
i) Evoque has electric passenger seat too.

I'm ignoring the fact that Evoque probably was 10K on top and was the 2.0 diesel.

Happy with the 3008 but some bits around the handling I want to investigate.

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The 3008's economy is very good because of a concentration on weight reduction I imagine, whereas the Evoque is sold to those whose priority isn't economy, I suspect.
Porky cars are inevitably more sumptuous in terms of ride and noise suppression.
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