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Hi need some more help.

When i indicate either left or right it switches the main beam on and does not flash the indicators at all.

It works perfectly fine when i start the car and turn my side lights on straight away - indicators are fine work as normal.

But have to drive with my side lights on all the time and look like a chav!

This is the last thing i need at the moment as only last week had to replace clutch and flywheel as well as another current problem of the antipollution fault placed on another thread.

Any help would be wicked :)


Sounds like a COMM2000 unit failure... quite common - although they have several stock faults.

There are many on ebay - but do check its the right one for your car as there are many, many variants.

I suggest you use the public servicebox to check the partnumber then keep watching ebay for one.

Breakers dont have many, so it woul dbe luck if you found one.

You may find a new one is circa £200+.

Fitting requires removal of steering wheel and airbag.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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