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this is a weird fault and difficult to explain.
Picture the scene.
You are driving along and either 1:-you have been distracted then you realise that the car in froint is braking -so you "over cook" the breaking as a knee jerk reaction until your brain catches up and you adjust your breaking acordingly.
or 2: you think a pedestrian is going to run out in front of you - your first reaction is to initiate heavy breaking - the situation resolves as the pedestrisan is not going to run in front of you and you release the sudden breaking [both scenarios are fractions of a second of "over breaking", quickly corrected by your brain and right foot]

now this has never happened in any car i have ever driven but on my 406, if the above scenario happens - lets face it , we've all done it numerous times -
after the initial breaking is started, the "easing off" or total removal of foot to break pedal makes no difference and the car continues its heavy breaking until the car reachs zero mph then - and only then- the brakes are released.

is this a feature of the pug's abs or is there a fault?
if its a feature, can it be stopped as its very disconcerting.
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