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SO clever me. Had head skimmed, ground in valves, new gasket in place then torqued everything down correctly. Then found the oil way blanking plugs I had forgotten to replace. DUH ! :nono:

Now at least one of these is behind a head bolt so if I remove just that one almost certainly warp head. So guess I have to remove head properly, replace plugs and then replace head. Not sure where the other three plugs are yet.

Now the million dollar question is do I need to replace the brand new head gasket that has never been run before ?. Or can I just use the new one I have just re-fitted. This is on a 306 1.9TD by the way (XUD9TE)

Any advice on this would be welcome.

Yes, a new gasket is required. Once it's been compressed by the torqueing of the head it won't comrpessproperly a 2nd time. considering the damage HGF can do you'd be madder than Gordon brown on acid to want to risk.
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