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Hi all, it's good to finally find a place to ask questions about my (fairly) new Peugeot!

I'm an owner of a 1007 HDi Sport, which although it's a bit of a controversial car, I absolutely love it :)

I'm just wanting to double check the service interval of the car, as Peugeot online state it's 20k, yet my service meter is warning me it's coming up to 12,5k. I have checked other models and their Diesel equivalents are a service interval of 12,5k too.

Am I right in assuming that it's in need of a service soon?

And one final question, what sort of price should I be paying for an 'A' service? I have an inherent distrust of service garages after many bad experiences. (The local Peugeot centre though have been great when helping me out with some niggles!).

Thanks all,


Hi Jordan and welcome to the forum!

Yes, a bit controversial, but a great looking and driving car. I think the dash is really trick, and suits the car.

I would suggest that you do take the car to Peugeot themselves, hopefully the garage that sold you the car, as getting any waranty issues you may have sorted is often easier when they were the ones that sold you it.

Servicing of diesels is always shorter than petrol models (often apart from the sporty petrol models - they often follow the diesel miles), so I would agree with the car, in that its 12,000 miles.

The dashboard countdown "amount" is set at the factory (although can be changed by a dealer, should you ever want to!).

I hope you were not "sold" the car based on the high miles between services - many buy with that as a major deciding factor.

As for service cost, I would expect a minor service to be circa £120 and full probably around £180. Obviously there will be things like timing belts etc that will cost more when and if you reach the miles to need it doing.

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