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This is not a cry for help - just a note in case your HDI exhibits the same.

Fault over the summer - very occasionally I could smell diesel on a long run.
Mpg was good - so no major leak
Taking the plastic cover off the engine revealed diesel in the wells of the head casting , around the injectors.

I could not find any leak (no did my local garage). I found no loose connections etc and cleaned up all with gunk.

A month later it was back.

Later ..During a fuel filter change i moved to one side fuel pipes (to the left of the filter housing). Pipe are joined by a 4-way plastic cross piece. The smallest pipe connection is tiny and I broke it and replaced all with a new brass cross piece

- i've never had any diesel on the engine since (4000 miles now)

Clearly the original plastic cross piece had fractured and depending on engine torque and hence engine position, this sometimes moved the fracture in the cross piece to open and spray fuel under the plastic engine cover ...
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