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i have a starting problem with my 52 reg 206 1.4 hdi been told by a fellow member i will need to replace the diesel hand primer non return valve.
any one got a diagram as to where its placed on the engine,or is it inside the fuel pump.
i was told a peugeot part only,but does anyone know if you can buy the part and fit yourself.
anyone had this problem here can give me a guide to a price, fitting or description of what im looking for as told its very common fault on the 206 1.4hdi.

dont know if this has any effect,the hand pump is soft before starting when i sqeeze the pump getting loads of air pass through,it harderns as i pump it.

Hi - and welcome!

I have not heard of that as a failure.

The bulb does feel soft at first and firms up as fuel is passed through it, so would say from your explanation that that is normal.

I have attached a diagram below, but it does not show any valve associated with the bulb - at least, not as a separate part.





No idea on prices, but I would still check GSF and Euro for availability.

It might be possible to get on from a breakers too.. quite a few of these engines around now.

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