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Diesel additive tank removal 208

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My 2015, 1.6 BlueHDi 208 is showing diesel additive pump and urea related faults. It is possible to reset Urea light for a couple of days but diesel additive pump fault comes back promptly after clearing. As per attached photos, different codes are read by DIagbox and Autocom. In some images, urea related faults are not appearing because they were cleared before taking screenshots.

As a first step I would like to change diesel additive tank. Though the removal of tank looks straight forward, the location of electrical connector is a bit odd and due to limited space available around the connector, removing it is a bit challenging. Can anyone please guide as to which toggle to press/ lift before pulling the connector? Any image would be helpful.

Shall appreciate suggestions on how to tackle any or all of the error codes.


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Managed to remove the electrical connector using pick & hook set.
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