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@storeman Apologies for the direct tag, I have a problem with a 53 plate pug 206 front wiper and was directed to the peugeot planet map after posting on Facebook. You are the closest user to me and I was wondering if you were free to scan the car for me?

This is what I posted on Facebook:
The wife has borrowed her Mum's 53 plate Pug 206 for a while, There is an issue with the front wipers. We have replaced the the motor and the Comm2000 unit but still unable to use the wipers.
I have pulled apart the system and carried out the following tests using a voltage meter:
Opened the Comm Unit and got 5 volts on the pads for the stalk
12 Volts on the clip inside the engine bay on pins 1 2 and 3 when the stalk is engaged
Applied 12 volts to the actual motor
When I connect the entire system together I get NOTHING.

Can you help? Cheers
1361 - 1363 of 1363 Posts