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I have a problem with my 406 2.0 16V petrol which is refusing to start, one of my trials to recover was replacement of engine ECU which is Bosch motronic 5.1.1
the replacement I used is standard unit (uncoded) and the part number is 1929.3T
unfortunately, my PP-2000 never read this car ECU before and now because I heard that not all PP-2000 can read all 406's, seems that some versions only does.
finally, I have managed to conduct a slow codes test by switched bridging C2 pin in the diagnostic port. well the ECU responded but without throwing any fault codes, it is plinking 11 and 12 only (start and end).
I tried to test the actuators although I don't know exactly how to benefit from this feature,
again the ECU responded by plinking the codes 82,83,84,85,96 and 97.
my question to you now, do you think the new ECU is ok as it is responding to to slow codes requests? and if yes why it is not showing the faults that prevents the engine start?
your response is very highly appreciated
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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