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Hey everyone,

I have been on and off with my project car for a while in process of re installing new turbo for the 508 and cleaning up left over bits of dip stick in the sump. I have never been able to clear the ECU codes, thinking the whole time it was the cars ECU. Went as far as cloning ECU and a BSI.

Anyway, figured out the hard way I guess. I scanned a few peoples HDis recently and I could read their ECU codes bit still not clear them, shows the message 'erase fault failed'

Thought my diagbox was bad v7.83, so re installed v7.65. also saw this thread ; Diagbox v7.83 - "The VCI is not connected"

I have downgraded the firmware to v4.29. then plugged it in when loading up v7.65 diagbox. It auto updated to v4.33 lexia firmware but I still can't erase the ECU fault codes on the 508 HDi 2011-2012

I believe some of you have been through a few of these Lexia VCI's. Is this confirmation mine has died and I need a new one. Is there anything else I can try with diagbox versions and firmware versions. It used to work fine. Was running v7.65 on XP home. Am currently using v7.65 on a windows 7 32 bit

Current car is a Peugeot 508 HDi SW 2011-2012
Tried another 508 HDi 2011-2012and recently a 308 t9 1.6 thp 2014.

Thoughts? And many thanks
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