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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere mods, I couldn't find it using search function. Please feel free to delete or move.

Had laptop issues and needed to re-install Diagbox (6.01). No matter how many times I selected 'English' language, it always defaulted to French once uploaded. Google failed to bring up anything that worked, it talked about changing the file language but that wouldn't work. Using some of that advice and trial and error I managed to solve the issue as follows:

*Close down Diagbox*
DoubleClick (DC) 'C' drive
Then (DC) AWRoot
(DC) dtrd
(DC) trans
(DC) Language
If presented with
Current=FR ..change the FR to read Current=EN, then 'File' 'Save'

This will then change the language to English. Open up Diagbox and it should now all be in English.
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