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thought I'd better start a new thread as this was going on in my Planet thread...anyway

I have successfully installed and activated Diagbox. I go to the car start the laptop, plug in lexia then load the software, the first time it recognised my was happy, then followed with selecting Peugeot then diagbox but all i get is unable to communice with Ecu on everything, then a popup for authentication, which if i close say's it can't carry on diagnosics..

so what do i need to do...I'm confused, some members say I need the 5 digit code from the door, but I don't get asked for there a certain procedure to getting it to communicate with the ECU's???. One time it did read 1 ecu but couldn't do anything as the pop up..Popped annoying...Do I close the global test and go somewhere else....should I let it update when it asks or block it....

I don't know what I'm doing wrong...just seem to be going round in circles..

any help greatly appreciated...I assume my unit is ok as it reads the Vin and 1 ecu (once)...thanks:confused:
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